Success story on Organic Cultivation of Ginger and Turmeric

 Karbi  Anglong, the south east district of Assam, is the homeland of many hill tribes. Generally, most of the tribal people adopt traditional methods of crop cultivation which we term as ‘organic by default’. Rajesh Rongpi, a tribal youth of Kania Enghi village, also took to traditional methods of crop cultivation while he saw no hopes of continuing with his academic career. He was selected as a participant farmer under the project “Biotechnology Led Organic Farming in the North Eastern Region: technology assessment, refinement and demonstration for high value crops”. He received training under the provisions of the aforesaid project on organic cultivation of Ginger and Turmeric. He proved himself as a successful youth farmer during the project period. Although the project was completed in 2014, Rajesh continued to remain a farmer under the guidance of KVK, Karbi Anglong with his crops mainly ginger cultivation. To attain his goals he subsequently started organic cultivation of ginger and turmeric on his own, covering an area of 0.4 ha land under the guidance and close monitoring of KVK, Karbi Anglong. He could harvest a bumper crop in that year. With the result his confidence grew and he could persuade his fellow youths of his native village Kania Enghi Gaon to take up cultivation in larger area devoted to ginger growing as marketing of the produce was promoted by KVK, Karbi Anglong. Later on he could organize his fellow youths to form the ‘Ginger Growers Association’, Lumding Road with a total membership of 30. He is open to invite new members to his association if some youths are found willing to join him. He under the banner of his Ginger Growers Association established himself as a successful ginger supplier both for consumption and as planting material. More recently he has targeted marketing of ginger as a planting material rather than as a spice for human consumption. In his production plan of planting material he is advised continually by the personnels of KVK, Karbi Anglong. Being established as a producer and supplier of ginger planting material the KVKs, mainly from Assam are purchasing his materials for demonstration and other purposes in the state.  Now Rajesh with his larger income has fully devoted himself to agriculture as a livelihood option and is planning to go further with processing of his produce under the banner of Ginger Growers Association, Lumding Road where he is offering his service as the President of the Association besides his involvement as a field worker in the production plan.